Support Engineer III

Job description


Solve customer problems and keep customers happy. ISC's income is almost entirely from customer support contracts for DNS and DHCP software. Our customer support engineers provide that service.

Specific tasks

  • Work directly with ISC's customers, providing them with accurate and prompt technical support for supported products within their contracted response time frames during the work day, and at other times when on call. Manage customer expectations.
  • Take on-call shifts as assigned. We promise fast response to important customers, and to deliver that fast response, someone must always be on call and available.
  • Work with Software Engineering to keep them aware of problems that customers are having. Represent our customers to Software Engineering.
  • Stay current: when ISC software gets new features or relevant new RFCs are published, learn them and become an expert.
  • Take turns managing the process of advance reporting of security bugs to customers who pay for notification in advance of public announcement. Know the process and be prepared to take the lead when it's your turn.
  • Manage release of new software versions to customers who pay for patch releases. Be involved in the overall company software release process. 

Other functions

  • Work with sales and marketing to help identify and close future business.
  • Monitor public mailing lists and forums in which our products are discussed.
  • Be a source of technical articles and white papers for ISC's knowledge base.
  • Provide pre-sales technical assistance when requested by Sales.
  • Back up other parts of the company when your skills match their needs.

Working conditions: This is an on-call position; candidate must be available via phone or pager 7x24 when on call. On-call shifts rotate amongst support engineers. Each person is on call for evenings and weekends 1 week out of 5 or 6.

You will work as a member of a geographically dispersed team; location is dependent on personal circumstances and may be from home (must have fast and reliable internet service with no data limits) or our offices in Redwood City, California. Some travel required, including annual company meetings and occasional conferences such as DNS-OARC.


Minimum requirements

  • Experience: 5 years experience in 7x24 technical support or system administration, with a minimum of 2 years working directly with customers. Some experience configuring and operating BIND.
  • Vital Skills: Must be able to write Unix scripts, compile source code, and build systems from releases. Must have familiarity with internet standards and protocols, especially DNS, DHCP, and TCP/IP and be able to stay current as internet protocols evolve. Must be able to write expertly in English.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Expert-level knowledge of DNS (preferably BIND), DHCP, and Unix/Linux. Be able to read and understand code.

Valuable additional qualifications

  • Education: We prefer applicants with bachelor's degrees or better.
  • Skills: familiarity and experience with GitLab.
  • Knowledge of C, C++, Perl, sh/bash, and Python. Some experience configuring and operating DNS and DHCP servers.
  • Fluency in other languages that our customers might use. Our business is transacted in English, but occasionally customers are more comfortable explaining complex problems in their first language.